About The Restaurant

Welcome to our kitchen.

Caribbean Feast Restaurant invites you to dine with us with your favorite guests.

 We cater to you “Royal Style” while you gaze at our beautiful tropical fish dancing about in their aquariums. Our speedy take-out or delivery service is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. Also, check out our Monday – Thursday “Lunch Specials”.  Step through our doors and be our VIP!

Palmiye ağaçları setiIn the Community

Caribbean Feast Restaurant is the proud sponsor of our Annual “Children & Family Day Festival”, which feeds over 250 kids each year for free. Thank you for your support (please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring our annual event).

We offer a special discounts for groups, birthdays, students of the month, employees of the month, members of Temple Police Department, members of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedics teams, and members of Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments.

Caribbean Feast Restaurant is a proud supporter of the American Red Cross Foundation.